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In this form, you can calculate the membership fee and register to participate in the sportive activities of IJCE. First, specify if you want to become a member of IJCE and choice your age category. After that, you can choose to participate in the various sports that are offerted. Once you made your choices you can join our club by clicking the 'SUBSCRIBE' button at the bottom of the form.

It is not required to become a member, but it has a number of benefits:

  • Only a few activities are accessible for non-members.
  • Non-members pay higher fees than club members to participate in IJCE activities.
  • Non-members cannot participate in some free club activities such as the youth acitivities, club championships and the skate challenge.
If there are more than two family members that are already member of IJCE, then the member with the lowest membership fee gets a 25% discount on the fees. When you select this option, the discount will be applied in the membership fee calculations. When you register to join IJCE, the membership administration will check whether this discount is applicable.
Choose an age category first to calculate your membership fee.

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The calculation of the fees is based on the offical amounts as published on the membership fee page.
Although the calculations in this form have been carefully implemented, no rights can be derived from this calculation. The final fees are determined by the membership administrator.

Long track (400m rink)
For long track training, the fee for free skating is compulsary
Outside the ice skating season